Shop Small This Christmas Season

Uncategorized Nov 25, 2020

Buying Christmas gifts from small shops has become one of my favorite traditions.


Since I'm a business owner myself, I know how much it means to me when others support my shop and I feel like it's a small way I can give back just a little bit of what I've been blessed with.

When you shop small, everyone wins! The shop owner gets to grow their business and support their family. You win because you get a great product AND that warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. Plus, if you give the item to a friend or family member as a gift, they win too because they get a unique product to use and love. 

Even if you aren't interested in purchasing right now, here are a few ideas of other ways to support small shops:

- Follow them on Instagram

- Comment on a picture and tell them what you love about their shop or products

-  Share about their shop to your Instagram stories. Shout out the shop and share what you love about their products

-  Refer a friend or family...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Worrying About Your Shop Failing

mindset shift Nov 16, 2020

Before I launched my Etsy courses, I sent out a survey to over 50 individuals who said they were thinking about starting their own Etsy shop. 

One that survey, 1 out of 2 people said one of the top reasons why they hadn’t started their Etsy shop is because they’re afraid it will fail.

It may not seem that shocking, but for me as a business coach and business mentor, it tells me I have some work to do. 

Have you heard this statistic before? “90% of businesses fail within the first year.” 

As a business owner, that statistic makes me feel scared and insecure. That makes it seems like the odds are definitely NOT in my favor, so why should I try?

But guess what. 

It’s not actually true.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the number of businesses that actually fail in the first year is closer to 20%

Okay, that sounds much better. 

But here’s the message I would like to shout from the rooftops. 


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If Reels Make Your Head Hurt, Try This:

upping your gram-game Oct 26, 2020


If me saying the word "reels" makes you cringe, you're not alone. This time last week I was still rolling my eyes about them and wishing they'd just go away forever.

Yeah, I understood that reels could be helpful, but I still wasn't convinced they were for me. Instagram always gives preference in the algorithm to the newest feature that they release. The Reels feature was released in August and it’s been crazy to see the results some people are getting with their reels. You’ve probably seen many of them if you’ve scrolled through Instagram recently. I think it's about time we all got on the bandwagon.

You may have wondered:

"How on earth can reels help me as a product business owner?"


"And do I really have to dance?"

If the idea of recording yourself dancing or doing something hilarious makes you get sweaty armpits (like it does for me ), there are a lot of other effective ways to use Reels--no dancing required!

Ideas for Reels


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Stop Seeing Instagram as a Hinderance, and Start Seeing it as an Opportunity

upping your gram-game Oct 14, 2020

I accidentally built my business backwards—I waited until my business was 2 years old before I paid for my first educational course.

I know better now that education is one of the best investments you can make in your business and in yourself.

But before I figured that out, I created a 2 year long unnecessary headache for myself because I never really had a solid strategy or plan for what I was doing.

Once I realized my mistake, I became like a Hungry Hungry Hippo, consuming whatever content I could get my hands on. I invested thousands of dollars in several really great courses and tried to learn everything I could about Etsy and e-commerce and what other successful sellers have done to help their shops make serious sales. 

In all of the classes, courses, or trainings I’ve watched though, there is 1 common theme through every single one of them that I strongly disagree with. And while I can understand the reasoning behind it, I know...

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5 Must-Have Instagram Apps for Product Businesses

upping your gram-game Oct 08, 2020

I don’t know about you, but if I had a public relationship status with Instagram, it would be “complicated” most of the time. 

I really enjoy jumping onto my personal account and engaging with my family and friends, but when I first started running my business Instagram, I felt like all of the fun and joy of Instagram had been squeezed out of me like the applesauce that my 3 year old squeezed out of the pouch I handed to him in the car the other day while we were running errands. (Sigh.)

So many of my students have finished my first 2 courses and come back to me and said, “Soooo these courses are great, but now what? I know I need to start an Instagram account but… ugh.”

I totally get it. If starting a business Instagram feed gives you a slight feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach, you are not alone. 

BUT LISTEN. I don’t want you to be filled with dread every time you open up your business Insta...

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Day 365 of the Craziest Personal Growth Journey of my Life

mindset shift Sep 17, 2020

It seems appropriate to have this be the first blog post I’ve ever written in my life because today marks the 1 year anniversary of the craziest personal growth journey I have ever been on in my life. 

This day last year, I was 38.5 weeks pregnant with our baby girl. We had just moved out of our parent’s house and into our first home 10 days previously. I had been experiencing some pretty major pregnancy insomnia and had been having consistent contractions for almost 2 weeks leading up to that day.

I was majorly tired and anxious, but SO excited to meet our baby girl and to find out what life with 2 kids is like. 

Grant and I packed up to go play with my mom at her house for the afternoon. It was the prettiest day, and the fall leaves on the mountain by my parents’ house were starting to turn--my favorite time of year in Mapleton.

We had invented this game during the summer while I was pregnant where we would give Grant a huge bowl of ice...

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